Are You Being Laid Off?


We’re sorry to hear about your impending layoff. We’ll help you understand your options regarding your pension with ACERA.

Recommended Steps

  1. Review the Leaving Employment page which explains your four options when leaving employment.

Leaving Employment Info

  1. If you are already eligible for retirement, get a pension allowance estimate so you understand what your income from ACERA would be if you retire now. The fastest way to get a retirement estimate is to log into your account and click on Benefit Estimate.

Log Into Your Account

  1. We also highly recommend you watch our Pre-Retirement Webinar video.

Watch Pre-Retirement Webinar

Estimate From ACERA Staff

If you have received notice that you have been laid off or will be laid off, and would like ACERA staff to estimate your retirement income, remember that it could take some days for us to prepare your estimate. See Step 2 above to get an instant online estimate instead. If you do want ACERA staff to prepare an estimate for you which will be mailed to you, please complete this form:

If no, you may want to simply review the information on this page:  Estimate Your Retirement Income