Eligibility and Disability Types


Eligibility Requirements

Disability retirement eligibility requires the following:

  1. Current ACERA membership (contributions still on deposit)
  2. Permanent incapacitation from performing your usual duties
  3. Five (5) years of ACERA Participating Employer service credit, includes reciprocal agency service. (Non-Service Connected only)

Types of Disability Retirement

There are two possible disability retirements:

  1. Service Connected Disability (SCD) - Permanent incapacitation from performing usual Duties resulting from an injury/illness arising out of your ACERA-covered or reciprocal agency employment. You have the burden of proving the disability is service connected.
  2. Non-Service Connected (NSCD) - Permanent incapacitation from performing usual Duties, although the Duties did not substantially contribute to your injury/illness. For this type of disability, you must be a vested member. This means you have a non-forfeitable right to receive an ACERA retirement benefit upon accumulating five (5) full years of credited service.