Report a Death


We are deeply sorry for your loss.

To report the death of an ACERA member or a beneficiary receiving a monthly retirement or continuance payment, you may call ACERA during our office hours, or use the form below; we will need answers to a few questions in order to complete our death benefits process. If you use the form below, you will automatically receive an email copy of your submission.

Once we complete our process, we will notify beneficiaries of death benefits by mail.

We’ve also created a Survivor Checklist for you.

To report the death of a spouse or domestic partner (who is not receiving a monthly retirement payment) in order to stop healthcare insurance, you may report the death by phone call or use the form below, but please mail us a letter with a copy of the death certificate (not the original), which we will need to have on file.

Report a Death Form

Deceased Member/Person's Information