New Member Orientation

Guidelines for Employers Orienting New ACERA Members


As ACERA Participating Employers, your role in introducing new employees to the benefits of their pension fund is a crucial step in setting them on a path towards secure retirement. By providing clear guidance and materials from the outset, we can ensure that new employees understand the importance of planning for their future retirement and are empowered to make informed decisions. We appreciate your help in guiding new members towards ACERA’s educational materials that will help them on their journey to a secure and fulfilling retirement.


To Provide Before or On the First Day of Work

New Hire Flyer

This informative flyer should be provided to new employees either alongside pre-start communications or on their first day. It can be distributed electronically or in print format.


To Provide During New Employee Orientation

ACERA Orientation Video

During the orientation session, please present this concise 5-minute video to new employees. It serves as an introduction to the ACERA pension program.

ACERA Orientation Flyer

Ensure that each new employee receives a copy of the appropriate orientation flyer based on their job type. Safety Members are Sheriff’s Deputies and Probation Officers, while all other employees are General Members.