How We Choose Managers


ACERA is a well-diversified public pension plan with a multi-billion-dollar investment portfolio. Rather than making investments directly, like all pension funds, we work with expert investment managers who handle specific asset classes on our behalf.

How We Choose Managers

Our investment consultant, NEPC, selects and thoroughly evaluates prospective managers based on ACERA’s investment strategy and policy. The Investment Committee of ACERA’s Board of Retirement reviews and recommends managers to the full Board for final selection. ACERA does not collaborate with placement agents or brokers, adhering to our Placement Agent Disclosure Policy.

ACERA’s investment managers are periodically reviewed to assess their performance, strategy, philosophy, and market outlook. Successful managers continue working with us, while those facing challenges are placed on a watch list. The Board may ultimately terminate managers who fail to meet ACERA’s investment policy.

The Best Way for Potential Private Equity and Alternatives Managers to Connect With ACERA Is to Contact NEPC

ACERA is currently not seeking managers for traditional asset classes, as we are fully invested with our existing managers. However, we encourage private equity and alternatives managers to contact NEPC for potential opportunities. Additionally, ACERA offers a process called Investment Products and Services Introductions (IPSI) for meeting with prospective investment product/service vendors (more information below).

Contact NEPC

Investment Products and Services Introductions (IPSI)

IPSI allows prospective vendors to better understand ACERA’s needs while enabling our staff to learn about their investment products/services. It is essential to note that IPSI is separate from ACERA’s investment vendor search process. If a product/service aligns with ACERA’s requirements, our staff will forward the relevant information to ACERA’s consultant(s). Each introductory session lasts approximately 45 minutes on the morning of the third Wednesday of each month. Again, the best way for potential private equity and alternatives managers to connect with ACERA is to contact NEPC by clicking the button above.

For questions about completing the form, please call Agnes Ducanes at 510-628-3109.

Investment Products and Services Introductions (IPSI) Form

Complete the form below. Please do not submit pitch books at this time. Our investment department will respond by the third Wednesday of the month in which the meeting is scheduled. ACERA reserves the rights to decline to meet with any prospective vendor. All submitted IPSI forms and related materials become the property of ACERA and are subject to the California Public Records Act.

Please fill out one form for each product/service.

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