Provide Proof of Name Change

6-12 Months Before Retirement


If your current name doesn’t match your birth certificate, you must provide proof of name change before you can retire. This also includes your spouse, state-registered domestic partner, or Alameda County domestic partner.

We understand that in California, you have the common law right to change your name by the “usage method.” This means that you simply pick a new name and start using it consistently in all parts of your life (but this method cannot be used by people who are in state prison, on probation, on parole, or been a convicted sex offender, or to change a minor’s name).

However, due to the fight against identity theft, fraud and terrorism, changing ones name by the “use method” is highly scrutinized. Therefore, our member or their spouse, state-registered domestic partner, or Alameda County domestic partner has to comply with our requirements to show official name change.

Provide as many of the following documents as you can provide:

  • Proof of amended birth certificate
  • Driver’s license and/ or passport with current name
  • Proof of time of name change (such as school records with original and new names; professional license with original name; driver’s license with original name; passport with original name; social security card with original name; baptismal records, etc.)

How to Provide Documents

  1. Scan your documents on a scanner, or use the free Adobe Scan app to scan documents with your iOS or Android device.
  2. Upload your documents in your ACERA account.

Get Adobe Scan

Upload Documents in Your Account

Alternatively, you can mail or QIC copies of your documents to ACERA.

Please Don’t Email Document: Please refrain from emailing documents to ACERA, as your personal documents contain personally identifying information and email is not the most secure way to transmit this information.