What To Do If You Still Can’t Sleep

Rest and Revive Self-Guided Sleep Program - Week 6


If you’re not sleeping better after just a few weeks, don’t worry. Making lasting behavior changes takes time—and you can’t fix everything all at once. A better approach is to pick one area where you’re confident you can make a healthy change, set a doable goal, and go for it. If you accomplish it, take some time to enjoy that feeling—then set another goal and repeat.

With that in mind, here are two questions you might want to ask if you still can’t sleep:

  1. What do you do right before bed? Arguing with a family member, watching a scary movie, zoning out online? Try taking 15 to 30 minutes to relax before bed. It will help you unwind from your busy day and go to sleep with a quiet mind.
  2. Are you getting enough physical activity? A little more activity each week can make a big difference in how you sleep each night. Try yoga, riding a bike to work, or even just taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Those are just a few ideas to get you going. But if you think you have a serious sleep condition, you should always consult your doctor.

Keep Building on Small Successes

To learn more about how little behavior changes can lead to big health improvements, check out this podcast with B.J. Fogg, PhD, of Stanford University.

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