Here’s To A More Rested You!

Rest and Revive Self-Guided Sleep Program - Week 7


Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of our Rest and Revive program. Over the last few weeks, you’ve learned about fighting common sleep thieves, making changes to your bedroom, and adopting a consistent routine to get the most out of your shut-eye.

So why not keep these healthy habits going? With a little daily focus, you can continue resting easy—and enjoying the physical and emotional benefits of truly blissful sleep.

Don’t forget to revisit the action plan you started in Week 3. Whether you achieved your goal or came up a little short, it’s important to assess how you did and how it made you feel. Just answering the questions may help you think about more ways to improve your sleep.

Missed the First 6 Weeks? Don’t Worry!

Visit Week 1 to catch up.

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