Simple solutions for a good night’s sleep: Where you are, and where you want to be?

Rest and Revive Self-Guided Sleep Program - Week 1


Going to sleep is part of your daily routine—after all, you do it every night. But are you getting the right kind of shut-eye? Simply jotting down what you do each day can uncover things you might not realize about your sleep patterns. Kaiser Permanente has teamed up with ACERA to provide this 7-week self-guided program for healthy sleep. This is the first of 7 web posts with helpful hints and links to keep you motivated. To get you started, Kaiser Permanente has made two tools available to ACERA members:

  1. The Rest and Revive Workbook is a simple tool for learning about your sleep quality. It’s designed to help you identify sleep habits, look for areas you can improve, and set an achievable goal for the future.
  2. The Rest and Revive Sleep Guide gives you extra pointers to help awaken your best self through improved rest.

Taking the time to make behavior changes can help you improve your sleep and your overall health. But stay safe: if you keep struggling to sleep or regularly find yourself tired during the day, it may be a sign of a serious condition. When in doubt, contact your doctor.

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Analyzing Your Sleep Logs

Rest and Revive Self-Guided Sleep Program - Week 3

Now that you’ve filled out your logs for two weeks, it’s time to look at what they’re telling you.