Analyzing Your Sleep Logs

Rest and Revive Self-Guided Sleep Program - Week 3


Now that you’ve filled out your logs for two weeks, it’s time to look at what they’re telling you. Print this page, and use your logs to answer the questions below. (If you didn’t start your logs yet, no worries–download the Rest and Revive Workbook and get started any time.)



0-2 nights per week


3-5 nights per week

Very Often

5+ nights per week

How often did you go to bed at a different time than the night before?      
How often did it take longer than 30 minutes to fall asleep?      
How often did you wake up at night for more than 30 minutes at a time?      
How often did you sleep for less than seven hours?      
How often was your sleep quality poor?      


Look at the questions to which you answered “often” or “very often.” Do you see connections between those areas and what’s in your daytime activity log? How’d you sleep on the days you took medication, drank alcohol, or had caffeinated drinks? If you felt stressed some days, did you sleep poorly those nights?

With those sorts of questions in mind, find the “sleep action plan” in your Rest and Revive Workbook. Think about one behavior you’re confident you can improve, and make a simple plan to change it. For instance, if your bedtime varies by hours, make a plan to go to bed at the same time each night. Be sure to hold onto your plan–at the end of the program, you’ll revisit it and assess your progress.

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