De-stress With a Sleep Friendly Bedroom

Rest and Revive Self-Guided Sleep Program - Week 5


It’s hard to leave the day’s stresses and worries at the door when you bring work to bed with you each night. From keeping your laptop out of arm’s reach to finding the right temperature for you, check out these tips for improving your bedroom:

  • Unplug. Park your phone, tablet, or laptop at a docking station outside the bedroom. After all, you need to recharge too.
  • Make the bedroom just for bed. Make your bedroom a more restful place by using it exclusively for sleep and quiet activities like reading. Leave things like paying bills, working, or watching TV for other parts of the house.
  • Cool down. A lower temperature will help you sleep more soundly. Make it a habit to check the thermostat as part of your nighttime routine. If you have trouble initially getting to sleep, perhaps try a cooling pillow.
  • Hit the lights. Light tells your brain it’s time to wake up. Wearing a sleep mask can do wonders if your blinds don’t cut it.

De-stress During the Day

Listening to a podcast on the sleep benefits of meditation is a great way to de-stress. It can help you relax and make rest come easier in the evening.

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