Maintain Don’t Gain: Have a Plan Yet?

Week 3


Last week, we showed you how the average American adult gains 1 to 5 pounds during the holidays that they never lose, and that half of adult weight gain can be attributed to the holidays. Then we showed you how to escape the average with our guide to creating a Holiday Action Plan that can help you maintain your weight through this holiday season. Our guide gives you 6 achievable action tracks to choose from.

Take This Week to Make Your Plan

We know it might take you a little more time this week to make your Holiday Action Plan, so we’re going to keep this update short. Below are three quick hints to help you as you begin your plan.

3 Quick Hints as You Start Your Plan

1. Be kind to yourself.

Self-kindness is the key to the universe. Lack of self-kindness can derail your efforts. Learn how to practice self-kindness.

2. Learn a little about the psychology of changing habits.

Changing habits can be challenging. Here are a couple of short TED Talks that will introduce some sophisticated, yet easy to understand concepts for making changes.

3. Weight control is not an all-or-nothing endeavor.

If you make a slip-up and do something that’s not on your action track, it doesn’t mean that you’ve failed and you must quit! It simply means you’re a human! ☺ Check out this article on picking yourself back up after a slip-up.

If You Haven’t Made a Plan Yet

Check out last week’s post on creating your Holiday Action Plan.



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