Make a Mind-Body Connection

How you feel in your head affects how you feel in your body. When life gets overwhelming, it’s important to focus on your emotional wellness. Discover simple ways to tame tension, beat stress, and feel happy.

Seize the days and be good to yourself

  • Breathe through it. 1 minute of mindful breathing is like hitting the reset button on your day. Breathe slowly and deeply, and focus on each breath.
  • Practice gratitude. People who make it a habit to count their blessings report feeling happier and healthier.
  • Unplug to recharge. Spend an evening offline. Play a board game, take a walk, or catch up with an old friend for a relaxing, rewarding experience.


Check out Find Balance from Kaiser Permanente, and Get Moving today: 


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A Frenchman walks into a bar with a duck on his head.  The bartender says, “Where’d you get that?” and the duck says, “In France. They’ve got millions of ‘em.”