Amplify Your Energy Today
Start Off the New Year With an Energy Boost

Working out works wonders. It builds muscle and self-confidence. It boosts the metabolism and the immune system. Most importantly, it benefits the body and the mind.

Seize the days and get moving

Do a little, a lot.

30 minutes of exercise every day is the magic number. You can even break it up into three 10-minute mini-workouts . . . your body won’t know the difference.

Go hard, then go easy.

Never do intense workouts 2 days in a row. Give your body the time it needs to recover. If you run today, walk tomorrow.

Get pumped up.

The more you move, the more energy you’ll have. Studies show that regular exercise can help boost energy and fight fatigue.


Strength Training For Everyone

Strength Training For Everyone

Do healthy, ripped bodies only belong to the young? Not if you’re Ernestine Shepherd. At 77, she’s the world’s oldest female bodybuilder and in a short, 8-minute documentary from Prevention Magazine, you can follow a day in her life.


Let’s Work in More Workouts

Do you know what exercise is good for? Everything. It’s good for your circulatory system, your sleep, and even your brain. No matter who you are, moving around is good for you. Here are some tips for a healthier, happier way of life.


Get a Heart Healthy Quick Start With One Simple Slogan

Remember this simple slogan: Eat 5, Move 10, Sleep 8.