Join ACERA’s 8-Week Finding Balance Stress Management Program

Finding Balance is an 8-week stress management program designed to help participants recognize how stress affects their lives and explore positive ways to deal with it.

Join Any Time

The program launches Monday, August 6, and concludes the week of September 24, but you can join any time!

Participants receive a Finding Balance Workbook and Stress Journal, and will receive 8 weekly emails during the program containing stress management tools and information.


Week 1 August 6, 2018
Week 2 August 13, 2018
Week 3 August 20, 2018
Week 4 August 27, 2018
Week 5 September 3, 2018
Week 6 September 10, 2018
Week 7 September 17, 2018
Week 8 September 24, 2018


ACERA retirees who complete the end of program survey contained in the week 8 email, will be entered into a raffle for wellness-related prizes.

No personal health information is shared with ACERA or the health plans.

All ACERA retirees and their families are encouraged to participate.

Where to Start

If you missed the first email, sign up for the rest of the emails by subscribing to our Wellness Tips and Tools here.

Then, you can start here with our week 1 post that contains the same information as the first email:

Start Here



Finding Balance: Getting Started
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