Designating or Changing Your ACERA Plan Beneficiary(ies)

A beneficiary is simply the person that you designate to receive your death benefits after you pass away.  You can have multiple beneficiaries.

In completing your ACERA member Enrollment Questionnaire, you are asked to name your ACERA plan beneficiary(ies). The form includes your beneficiary’s personal information, including name, Social Security number, and his or her relationship to you. Once completed, your form is forwarded to ACERA by your employer.

Member-designated beneficiaries receive any death benefits payable in the event of the member’s death (unless pre-empted by statute). A beneficiary can be your spouse/ registered domestic partner, minor child, or any other person. You may designate multiple beneficiaries. It is important to keep beneficiary designations current to ensure timely payments to the beneficiary named and on file with ACERA at the time of your death.

Active members may change their beneficiaries at any time. All beneficiary changes must be made in writing; changes cannot be made over the phone. To change your beneficiary(ies), complete the ACERA Active or Deferred Member Beneficiary Designation Form.