Liquid Energy: Instantly Boost Your Health


Hydration is valuable. Good hydration is central to your most basic physiological functions, including regulating blood pressure, body temperature, and digestion. And good hydration keeps money in your pocket:

The Value of a Good Drink

Lose Weight or Avoid Weight Gain

Your well-hydrated body will have fewer pains, allowing you to continue sports or exercise, and a faster metabolic rate, which helps you burn calories more efficiently. Drinking around 16 oz. of water right after you wake up gives your metabolism a hefty surge.

Keep Your Mind Sharp

A 2011 University of Connecticut study showed that even mild dehydration can alter mood, vigilance, and working memory, things you need to perform optimally at work.

Avoid Hospital Expenses

If you’re getting up there in years, hydrating can help you avoid expensive hospital stays: a 2004 study showed the average preventable hospital stay for dehydrated seniors is 4.6 days which could cost over $1,500 a day, driving up insurance rates.

Easy Drinks are Cheaper

A couple of $2 colas or sports drinks every day sets you back almost $1,500 a year. Here are some ideas for staying hydrated with easy, healthy drinks on the cheap:

Six Second Soda

Add a splash of fruit juice to a glass (about a 1-second pour). Fill the rest of the glass with seltzer water (about a 5-second pour). It’s great with orange, apple, grape, cranberry, or any fruit juice.

Fruit Infusion

Add berries or slices of any fruit to the bottom of a glass. Press them a little with a tablespoon. Fill the glass with tap water (and ice) and stir it up for delicious infused water. Try whole strawberries and raspberries or slices of apple, orange, lemon, pear, watermelon, or any combination thereof. Surprisingly, slices of cucumber make a refreshing infusion. Instead of drinking soda at a restaurant, ask for seltzer water with a lemon or lime slice—it’s usually free.

Easy Tea

No boiling water necessary. Just put your favorite tea bag in the bottom of glass, fill with water, and let it sit a few minutes before drinking for a lightly-flavored beverage. Try black and green tea, as well as herb tea like peppermint or chai. Red zinger is especially good.

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