Request an In-Person Appointment


We encourage you to connect virtually with ACERA via mail, email, phone, or video. However, if you need to visit ACERA, please make an appointment using the form below.

Submitting Forms and Documents Without an Appointment

While you may request an appointment for submitting forms or documents, you can submit forms and documents in person without an appointment by utilizing the drop box in our office elevator lobby on the 10th floor of 475 14th Street in Oakland.

Getting Retirement Counseling if You’re Ready to Retire

If you’re looking for a retirement counseling appointment because you’re ready to retire, don’t fill out the form below. Use our Ready-to-Retire Counseling Session Form instead.

Request an In-Person Appointment

Please complete this form to request an in-person appointment with ACERA staff:

After you submit this form, you must also complete the Disability Retirement Inquiry.