Disability Retirement Inquiry


Your first step in the disability retirement process is submitting this inquiry form. You should go through the form if you think you’re ready to apply for disability retirement, or even if you have questions about whether you’re eligible to apply.





If Yes: Reasonable accommodations to your job duties provided by your Employer will make you ineligible for disability retirement since you are able to perform your duties. You will be eligible to apply for disability retirement if/when your department can no longer accommodate your permanent work restrictions.

Instead of disability retirement, you can begin the regular (service) retirement process if you are eligible. Please review our Preparing to Retire page.

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If no, you are not eligible to apply for disability retirement at this time. You must be deemed permanently incapacitated by a medical doctor from performing your regular and customary job duties in order to apply for disability retirement. You can apply for regular (service) retirement if you are eligible. We recommend reviewing the eligibility requirements for regular (service) retirement.

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If yes, please continue completing the form.


If yes, please continue completing the form.

You must have at least 5 years of service credit with ACERA to apply for a non-service connected disability retirement. Purchasing eligible time as service credit will count towards the 5 years needed, so you may review our page on Purchasing and Redepositing Service Credit.

Stop here and come back to this form after you’ve made your service credit purchase to get above the 5-year requirement.

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  • Medical documentation demonstrating my permanent incapacity
  • (For service connected disability retirement only) Documentation demonstrating that my employment contributed substantially to my disability, and that my injury/illness prevents me from performing my regularly assigned job duties

This documentation will be a requirement of the disability retirement application. If you anticipate you won’t be able to provide this documentation, you should stop here.

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Application Requirements

Please check each item below, signifying that you have read and understand that you will be required to submit each item later as part of your complete disability retirement application.


You must submit a complete retirement disability application during one of the three time periods listed. If you cannot meet the requirements, you should consider not submitting an application.

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If yes, you may apply for regular (service) retirement at any time you are eligible including before, after, or at the same time you apply for disability retirement. Please note that if you retire with a regular (service) retirement and your disability retirement application is denied approval by the Board of Retirement, you cannot return to work. This is because regular (service) retirement is a permanent termination of your employment.

Members who retire with regular (service) retirement while their disability application is pending may change their retirement payment option if they are awarded a disability retirement.

If you are still interested in disability retirement, please continue completing this form. For more information on applying for regular retirement, visit our Applying to Retire page.




If yes, you should do 2 things after you submit this form:

  1. Review the information on our divorce page.
  2. Provide the documents to ACERA that are outlined on the divorce page, if you haven’t already done so.


If yes, please submit a disability retirement application with all the linked reciprocal systems.



In-person office appointments are reserved for those who are unable to meet over phone or Zoom. If you are able to meet in either of those ways, we ask that you select phone or Zoom. More information here.



I hereby request a disability application be sent to me.