Sandra Dueñas-Cuevas

Benefits Manager

Profile Benefits Department

Sandra Dueñas-Cuevas has over 32 years of experience in government, non-profits, marketing, and sales. Coming to ACERA out of 6 years of work for the Office of the Alameda County Public Defender, Ms. Dueñas-Cuevas joined ACERA in 2001 as a Retirement Specialist, was promoted within 6 years to management, and was appointed Benefits Department Manager in 2015.

As Benefits Department Manager, Ms. Dueñas-Cuevas serves on the senior management team and oversees the Benefits Department, which is the team of 30+ Retirement Specialists, managers, and support staff that provides member customer service, processes member retirements, pays member benefits, ensures member account accuracy, as well as assists and process members through disability retirement.