Paying For Your Health Plan

The monthly cost of being enrolled in a healthcare plan is called a “premium.” Premiums for medical, dental, and vision coverage are based on the plan and coverage level you select. Your monthly retirement allowance must be sufficient to cover your plan premium costs to enroll in Category 1 group plans listed on the MMA page.

Paying ACERA-Sponsored Group Plan Costs (Category 1)

Your monthly premiums (yours and any dependents you enroll) will be deducted from your monthly retirement allowance and you will be paid the Monthly Medical Allowance amount you are eligible for in the same pension check, not to exceed the premium amount.

Paying Category 2 and 3 Plan Costs

You make payments directly to your insurance carrier. To set up an automatic monthly payment for the plan directly to the insurance carrier from your bank account, simply call Via Benefits at 1-888-427-8730 even if you’re in a Kaiser Permanente medical plan. If you are eligible for ACERA’s Monthly Medical Allowance, ACERA will fund a tax-free Health Reimbursement Account up to the amount you are eligible for. You can also set up an automatic reimbursement to your bank account.

For more information on receiving reimbursements, see the PDF publication Making Reimbursements Easier attached to this page.