Membership FAQ


Is membership mandatory?

Yes. If you work or worked in a full-time retirement-eligible position for one of ACERA’s participating employers, membership in ACERA is mandatory. 

Are retirement contributions mandatory?

Yes. If you are an active member of ACERA, which means you’re in active status in a retirement-eligible position, it is mandatory that you contribute to ACERA from each paycheck. Your employer will set up the payroll system to automatically deduct your employee retirement contribution from each paycheck.

Can I borrow against my ACERA contribution account or use my account balance as collateral for a loan or mortgage?

No. Since your employee contributions are not refundable until you terminate employment, they cannot be used as collateral to secure a loan while you are still employed or while you are an ACERA member.

Are the employer contributions that my employer makes to ACERA on my behalf refundable?

No. Employer contributions are never refundable.