Cancelling Coverage


You may cancel medical plan coverage at any time during the year, for any reason. If you cancel your medical plan coverage, you cannot re-enroll yourself or your eligible dependents in an ACERA-sponsored plan until the next open enrollment period.

Requesting Cancellation of Coverage 

You need to request your coverage cancellation in writing to ACERA. Your written request should specify which plan you want to cancel and for whom you are cancelling coverage (i.e., yourself and/or your dependents). Typically, the effective date of cancellation is on the first of the month following ACERA’s receipt of your written cancellation request. However, if ACERA receives the request after its monthly payroll close date, cancellation will be effective the second month following your written notification. There is no retroactive cancellation of coverage.

Plan coverage is cancelled automatically if you or your enrolled dependents no longer meet the plan’s enrollment eligibility criteria. If coverage is cancelled, you will be allowed to continue coverage under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA).