Your ACERA Check Amount May Have Changed Due to Annual Changes in Health Plan Premiums


If you’re an ACERA retiree, survivor, or payee, and you’re enrolled in one or more of ACERA’s group medical, dental, and vision plans, the amount of your ACERA monthly retirement allowance for your January 31 check may have changed. This is due to annual changes in the monthly premium amounts (the monthly cost of healthcare plans) that take effect on February 1 when the plan year for ACERA’s group plans starts. Because the premium amounts increased for most of the plans, and ACERA deducts the premium from your check to send to the health insurance carriers on your behalf, you may see a little less money in your check. You’re seeing the change in your January check because you pay health plan premiums a month in advance.

If you’re eligible for medical, dental, and/or vision subsidies to help pay for the cost of the plans, health plan cost increases may be offset somewhat by increases in the subsidies you receive.

You may also see changes to your check if you switched healthcare plans, because each plan has a different set of premiums.

Review your 2019 Retiree Enrollment Guide for:

Additionally, if you changed your federal or California state withholding amounts, you would also see changes to your ACERA check.

You can see the full history of your ACERA pay statements by logging into your ACERA account through Web Member Services.