July 11 Is Cutoff for Changing Direct Deposit for July 31 Retirement Payments


ACERA retirees wishing to change their direct deposit information for the July 31, 2024 retirement payment should complete and submit a new Direct Deposit form and return it to ACERA by July 11, 2024. ACERA must receive the form by July 11, 2024.

Use One of These Three Options for Submitting Your Direct Deposit Form to ACERA

Scan and Upload

  1. Print your form and sign it.
  2. Install the free Adobe Scan app on your smartphone:
    1. Get Adobe Scan for Android
    2. Get Adobe Scan for iPhone
  3. Use Adobe Scan to create a single PDF of all pages of your form. (Watch a tutorial here.). (Alternatively, you can use a physical scanner to create a PDF.)
  4. Log in to your account. Click the Upload Documents link to upload your signed, scanned, PDF form. (Or instead of uploading, you can email it to info@acera.org.)

Or Fax

Fax your printed, signed form to 510-268-9574.

Or Mail

Mail your printed, signed form to:

475 14th Street, Suite 1000
Oakland, California 94612