ACERA Members Received Their 1099-Rs in January 2024

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ACERA retirees and survivors will receive their 1099-Rs in the mail by January 31, 2024. ACERA reports income to payees on IRS form 1099-R, and the form should be filed with your 2023 tax return.

This year, we’ve bolstered your security by displaying only the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number on your 1099-R, a change from previous years where the entire number was shown. Rest assured, when we transmit your data to the IRS, it will include your full Social Security Number, ensuring accurate matching with your records.

Additionally, the 1099-R has a slightly new look, and the instruction page is on a separate sheet. See examples of here:

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Consider Your 2024 Income Tax Withholding Choices

To update your income tax withholding for 2024, simply follow the instructions on each of the withholding forms linked below. Avoid paper, ink, scanning, and hassle by using the DocuSign forms.

Federal Withholding Form

DocuSign PDF

State Withholding Form

DocuSign PDF

ACERA only handles federal and California state withholdings.