ACERA is Going Green

ACERA is transitioning to a paperless office. Starting April 29, we will no longer be sending out direct deposit advice statements each month, unless our retirees and other payees choose to receive paper. This will save up to $6,000 of retirement funds and 3 trees per month. All of retirees’ and payees’ current and past direct deposit advice statements are currently available on Web Member Services, and will always be available there.

Retirees Can Choose Paper Now

In mid-February, ACERA sent out a postcard with a tear-off self-mailing return portion where retirees and payees can make a selection to continue to receive paper with no interruption. If you wish to continue to receive paper, simply mark X in the box on the tear-off portion of the postcard, and drop it in the mail.

How to Choose Online Only

If you don’t want paper, simply do nothing. Do not return the postcard. Starting April 29, 2016, your statements will be online only. If you change your mind later, you can always change your selection at WMS or by calling ACERA.