ACERA 1099-Rs Will Be Mailed in January


Members in retired status, as well as survivors of ACERA members, will receive their 1099-Rs in January. ACERA reports income to payees on IRS form 1099-R. The 1099-R forms for 2018 will be mailed to all payees no later than January 31, 2019. Form 1099-R should be filed with your 2018 tax return.

Get an Electronic Copy After January 21:

Your 1099-R form will be available on Web Member Services on January 21, 2019. Log in to take advantage of this great feature.

Your 2019 Withholding Choices

Possible changes to state and/or federal tax law for 2019 might affect your tax withholding. To assess your federal tax withholding use the IRS Withholding Calculator.

To change your withholding for 2019 federal and/or state taxes log in to Web Member Services. Once you’re logged in, select the Web Forms link to change your withholding.

Alternatively, use these downloadable forms:

ACERA only handles federal and California state withholdings.