Medicare Part B Reimbursement Plan (MBRP)


ACERA reimburses members for the lowest monthly rate that Medicare charges retirees for being enrolled in Medicare Part B, which is $170.10 for 2022. Medicare deducts payment for Medicare Part B from your Social Security Check. The Medicare Part B Reimbursement Plan (MBRP) is for qualified retired members only, and is provided as an additional allowance in the member’s retirement allowance payment.

The Medicare Part B Reimbursement Plan is a non-vested benefit that is reviewed by the Board of Retirement annually.

This benefit is NOT available for dependents, survivors, former spouses, and beneficiaries.

To Qualify for the MBRP, a Retiree Must:
  • Have at least 10 years of ACERA service credit (reciprocal service does not count) OR a Board-approved Service-Connected Disability Retirement;
  • Provide proof of enrollment in Medicare Part B and remain enrolled; and
  • Enroll in the MBRP by completing the MBRP Application Form below along with a copy of your Medicare card.
Take Note
  • MBRP benefits begin the month following ACERA’s receipt of your Form.  
  • ACERA does not pay the benefit retroactively.  
  • You must remain enrolled in Part B in order to continue receiving your MBRP from ACERA. You do not to enroll in an ACERA-sponsored medical plan to receive the MBRP, but you do need to be enrolled in Medicare Part B.
MBRP Application

Before you start your application, please have a scan or photo of your Medicare card available showing your Medicare Part B effective date to upload with the form.

Use the DocuSign e-form to avoid paper, ink, scanning, and hassle.