Agreement and Order for Division of Retirement Benefits – Shared Records

All Members May Use This



You are hereby advised and put on notice that you should seek competent legal counsel if you are involved in or foresee being involved in a nullity, legal separation, or dissolution of marriage or registered domestic partnership before you use or otherwise rely on the following sample Domestic Relations Order. The disposition of retirement benefits in domestic relations proceedings involves complex marital rights and domestic partnership rights and tax issues. The Alameda County Employees’ Retirement Association (ACERA), its employees, agents, representatives, and consultants are not authorized to give legal advice and, therefore, make no representation or assurances as to the model Domestic Relations Order’s sufficiency under applicable federal or state law or as to its legal consequences under your particular factual situation or circumstances. You should obtain the advice of your own legal counsel to create an appropriate court Order, Domestic Relations Order and or Stipulation for Division of Retirement Benefits for you. This model form is but one of many that are acceptable to ACERA to allow the retirement system to administer benefits to the parties. You are cautioned and warned that you should not interpret this model and sample as the only acceptable form for your use. You should seek the advice of competent legal counsel at this time and before use of any sample form provided by ACERA.

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