Asset Classes
What We Invest In

 ACERA Asset Classes

Asset Class Target % of Fund What It Is
US Equity
(U.S. Stocks)
28% Stock in U.S. companies. When you buy shares in a company in the form of stocks, you are part owner of the company, and can be paid part of the company’s profits. If you sell your shares for more than you bought them for, you keep the gain.
International Equity
(Non-U.S. Stocks)
26% The same as domestic equity, except the companies are headquartered outside of the U.S.
Fixed Income
15% Primarily bonds. A bond is where a company or government entity borrows your money for a defined period of time at a fixed or floating interest rate.
Real Estate
(Real, Tangible Properties)
8% Land plus any fixed structures on the land. Profit from real estate investments can come from rent or selling property for more than you paid for it.
Private Equity
(Non-Public Companies)
9% An investment that is not one of the three traditional asset types (stocks, bonds, and cash). Private Equity includes companies that invest in startup and non-public companies or in fixing companies whose business is lagging.
Absolute Return
(Stable, positive returns)
9% Investment strategies which produce returns that are uncorrelated to the other asset classes and enhance diversification. They include a variety of hedge funds, fund of hedge funds, and alternative premia strategies along with private investments.
Real Assets
(Inflation Hedge)
5% Real assets, i.e. tangible assets that have value due to their substance and properties. They can include precious metals, agricultural commodities like wheat and coffee, and oil. Profit from real assets comes from increases in price of the assets.