Active Members Can Now Make an Advance Death Benefit Election


Exciting news! ACERA Active Members have the opportunity to make a significant election that could leave greater benefits for your loved ones in case you die before retirement.

Introducing the Advance Death Benefit Election, authorized by ACERA’s Board of Retirement. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Potentially Increased Benefits: This election allows you to potentially increase the benefits paid to your designated beneficiaries.
  2. Flexible Choices: Designate any person(s) you wish, including your spouse, domestic partner, children, or any other individual(s), to potentially receive lifetime benefits after your death.

There is no disadvantage to making this election. To learn more about how this election works, visit:

How to Make the New Election

It’s simple. Just review the webpage, then complete a new Active or Deferred Member Beneficiary Designation Form designating your primary and contingent beneficiaries, and check the box for the Advance Death Benefit Election on the form. Follow the instructions on the last page of the form to submit it. Easy!

Submit a Beneficiary Designation Form

For extra help, watch this video tutorial on how to submit the form.

Important Notes

We anticipate that many active members will want to take advantage of this opportunity. Please be aware that due to high demand, it may take ACERA some time to update any changes to your beneficiary(ies) in our database. However, rest assured that the designation of your beneficiary(ies) with the new election takes effect as soon as ACERA receives your completed form, regardless of processing time.

Additionally, please note that the Advance Death Benefit Election will not be displayed in your ACERA online account.

Take this chance to maximize benefits for your loved ones!