Your ACERA Retirement Benefits


Your ACERA Retirement Benefits

When you retire from ACERA, we will look at three pieces of data from your career.  We will multiply these three “factors” together in a formula, resulting in a dollar amount, and we’ll pay you that dollar amount every month for the rest of your life (depending on which retirement option you choose).  So you cannot outlive your retirement benefit.

This is how a “defined benefit pension plan” works. ACERA is a defined benefit pension plan qualified under Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. The plan’s formula includes, but is not limited to, your age at retirement, your years of service, and salary. It will also be affected by your member type and tier.

ACERA also provides service-connected and non-service-connected disability benefits for members who become permanently incapacitated from the performance of their usual and customary job duties while working for Alameda County or a Participating Employer.