Your ACERA Membership


Your ACERA Membership

Membership with ACERA requires appointment to a permanent full-time position with an ACERA Participating Employer. Membership is continuous until termination and is mandatory for eligible employees. 

Membership is effective on the first day of the pay period following your hire date in an ACERA-covered position. This is your Date of Entry or Entry Date into ACERA membership. As of your effective entry date, payroll deductions for your retirement contributions will begin and you will earn service credit for each hour worked. During the short period between the beginning of employment and your ACERA plan entry date, you neither pay contributions nor receive service credit—although one may purchase this service credit (referred to as “days prior to entry”) at any time before retirement without changing the membership entry date.

ACERA membership is continuous for as long as you are employed in an ACERA-covered position.

Active Members are currently employed by an ACERA Participating Employer and are working (or have worked) in a full-time retirement-eligible position.

Deferred Members have ceased active employment and have left their retirement contributions on deposit with ACERA, but have not yet retired.

Retired Members have retired from ACERA and are receiving a lifetime monthly retirement allowance.