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Wellness Tools – Tools For Your Wellbeing

You want to feel like a million dollars. You want to breathe easy. You want to move. If given a choice, no one would choose to feel tired, confused, worried, and blasé over feeling robust and energetic. In reality, you are not faced with a single big choice, but a variety of small choices you make that add up to wellness or sickness.

Finding the motivation to make healthy choices is often challenging. The single best thing you can do to find motivation is to find help—establish relationships with communities that inspire and sustain hope and use those relationships to help you to learn, practice, and master the new ways of thinking, habits, and skills that you need to thrive.

Your medical care providers offer a ton of resources to help you find some of those new ways of thinking, discover the information you need, and connect with others.

It may seem hard, but you are really successful in a lot of other areas of your life, so you absolutely have wellness success within you.

Kaiser Permanente Resources

Kaiser has many resources for its members, but a lot of them are also available to anyone who visits Kaiser Permanente’s webpage.

Available to Anyone

Online Health Calculators and Healthy Toolkit | Calculate your body/mass index, calorie burn, portion sizes, target heart rate, stress level, and a bunch of other health stats with the Healthy Toolkit.

Health Encyclopedia | Over 9,500 webpages, searchable with keywords.

Health Videos | Topics include asthma, diabetes, exercise, healthy shopping, advance care planning. Go to Health Videos here.

Guided Imagery Audio Files | Gentle but powerful relaxation exercises designed to engage your mind, body, and spirit. Topics include easing grief, easing pain, healthful sleep, healthy immune system, mastering menopause, self-confidence, and weight loss among many others, all downloadable. Go to Guided Imagery Audio Files here.

How to Be Healthy Information | A compendium of articles on nutrition, staying active, eating healthy, living well, exercise, weight loss, and a lot more.

Available to Kaiser Members

Simply log in to your account at www.kp.org and click the Health & Wellness button.

Healthy Living Classes | Over 1,400 classes in the Bay Area including yoga, acupressure, diabetes management, fall prevention, headache management, chi gung, and weight management. Some are free, and others have a cost but are discounted for Kaiser Members.

Wellness Coaching | Phone sessions with a wellness coach to create a customized wellness plan.

Provider Discounts on fitness clubs, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, physical therapy, and more.

Personalized Healthy Lifestyle Programs | Customized plans designed to reshape your way of life and improve your health:

  • Chronic conditions programs (depression, diabetes, insomnia)
  • Pain management program
  • Healthy weight program
  • Nutrition plan
  • Stress management
  • Quit smoking plan

UnitedHealthcare Resources

UnitedHealthcare members can start by going to www.myuhc.com, logging in, and clicking the Health & Wellness button to uncover all the wellness resources available to you.

Online Health Assessment | Personalized, confidential report to identify what health and health risk areas you’re doing good in and what areas you can improve in.

Online Calculators | Body mass index, waist, target heart rate, calories burned, heart attack risk, and more.

Rally | An app and online health tracker that gives you a personalized health survey and allows you to monitor weight loss, physical activity, and more, helps you connect with online health communities, and can send you on personal exercise missions. It also keeps track of your personal health record.

UnitedHealth Allies | Discount program with discounts on laser vision correction, cosmetic dental, alternative care, wellness, long-term care services, hearing, and more.

CafeWell | Rewards program that gives you support and guidance to take control of your health. Find healthy activities tailored to you, make connections with health experts and other members, and track your progress in real time.

Other Tools | Webinars, mindfulness tools, self-help programs, mood tracker, tobacco cessation planning.

Delta Dental Resources

SmileWay Website | Visit SmileWay to access dozens of articles and videos about oral health.

VSP Vision Care Resources

Envision Newsletter | Sign up for VSP’s bi-monthly Envision Newsletter for exclusive offers and sweepstakes, trending topics, and information from leading experts on vision.