Ready-to-Retire Counseling Sessions


Ready-To-Retire One-On-One Counseling Sessions

ACERA conducts Ready-To-Retire One-On-One counseling sessions for ACERA members who are within 60 days of retirement. The one-on-one sessions are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Due to limited availability, you are required to call ahead to schedule an appointment. Additionally, you must be precisely on time for your appointment, or it will be rescheduled.

Before attending a Ready-to-Retire One-On-One Counseling Session, it’s extremely helpful to attend a retirement planning seminar to ensure you do not miss pertinent information about how the retirement system works and how retirement benefits are calculated.

At the Ready-to-Retire One-On-One Counseling Session, staff explain the retirement process in detail and provide an estimate of your monthly retirement allowance.  Staff also review the documents needed to process your retirement, as well as all the forms that need to be submitted. Retirement Specialists will answer any specific questions you may have, as well as go over all the paperwork that must be submitted.

To enroll in a session within the 60-day period before your retirement date, please call ACERA.

Main Line:        (510) 628-3000

Toll Free:         (800) 838-1932