Working After 65


If you continue to work after age 65 when you become Medicare eligible, you have the option of enrolling in Medicare. Medicare A is offered at no cost to you, but remember that you will have to pay a monthly premium for Medicare Part B, in addition to any premiums you may be paying to be covered under your employer’s health plan. The same consideration should be made for Part D.  

If you choose not to enroll in Medicare Part B, as long as you are actively employed you will not incur the late sign-up penalty explained on the How Medicare Works page.  

Individuals who are permitted to delay enrollment have their own special enrollment periods. A special enrollment period begins when current employment ends or when coverage under the plan ends. The special enrollment period ends eight months later. Individuals who fail to enroll in this period are considered to have delayed enrollment and could become subject to the penalty.

If my spouse wants coverage under an ACERA medical plan, does it have to be the same plan as mine?  

A spouse cannot be enrolled with a different medical provider than a member. If he/she is Medicare eligible, he/ she can only be covered under your plan. If your spouse is not yet eligible for Medicare, he/she can be covered by a pre-Medicare plan from the same provider.