Using the Formula to Calculate Your Own Estimate

If you’re okay not getting a precision estimate of your future lifetime monthly retirement allowance in Web Member Services, you can get an estimate by calculating the retirement formula yourself:

Simply follow the retirement formula:

Age Factor Percentage
Years of Service Credit
X  Highest Average Monthly Salary
= $ Monthly Retirement Allowance for Life

Simply multiply the three factors together, and this gives you an estimate of the retirement allowance you’ll receive each month during retirement. Read further for more on how to find the factors to put in the formula. Safety members hired before 1986 and general members tiers 1, 2, and 3 should make sure to also do the Social Security Reduction calculation at the bottom of the page.

Age Factor Percentage

In the Age Factor Percentage Chart, find your tier, then find the age factor percentage for the age at which you will retire.

Age Factor Percentages increase with every quarter of your birthday, up to a maximum. If your birthday is on January 15, your next quarter age is three months later on April 15, the quarter after that is three months later on July 15, and the next quarter is on October 15. The older you are when you retire, the higher the age factor (up to the maximum). Once you reach the maximum age factor percentage for your tier, you will receive the maximum age factor no matter how old you are when you retire.

Years of Service Credit

Write in the amount of service credit you have down to a fraction of year. 

Your service credit is essentially how long you worked in years, including fractions of a year. For example, if you earned 15 years and two months of service credit exactly, your service credit number would be 15 and 2/12 or 15.16. For a precise measurement of your service credit, log in to Web Member Services.

Highest Average Monthly Salary

Insert your highest average monthly salary in the formula.

Refer to the linked webpage on this topic for more information on how to estimate highest average monthly salary.

Social Security Reduction Calculation

(General Tiers 1, 2, and 3 and Safety Members Hired Before 1986)

If you are a general member tiers 1, 2, and 3, you participate in Social Security and will therefore have to have a slight reduction to your monthly allowance. This reduction is permanent, and will be included in all of your monthly retirement allowance payments from the start. Safety members hired before 1986 will also need to do a calculation for any years they worked before 1986. (Tier 4 general members participate in social security, but this calculation does not apply.)

General members, put your total years of service credit (including partial year) at retirement in the formula. Safety members, put only your years worked prior to 1986 in the formula. Then find your Social Security Reduction Factor from the table below, and put that in the formula. Multiply the two figures together, and this tells you how many dollars to reduce your ballpark retirement allowance estimate by.

Years of Service Credit
X  Social Security Reduction Factor
= $ Social Security Reduction Amount


 Social Security Reduction Factors
Age Retired General Tiers 1 & 3  General Tier 2 Safety Tiers 1 & 2
41 1.46
42 1.546
43 1.634
44 1.726
45 1.821
46 1.919
47 2.025
48 2.12
49 2.222
50 1.559 1.38 2.333
51 1.646 1.45 2.454
52 1.739 1.52 2.585
53 1.839 1.59 2.728
54 1.947 1.66 2.878
55 2.065 1.74 3.056
56 2.193 1.82 3.056
57 2.333 1.91 3.056
58 2.437 2.01 3.056
59 2.578 2.12 3.056
60 2.726 2.24 3.056
61 2.885 2.32 3.056
62 3.055 2.44 3.056
63 3.055 2.56 3.056
64 3.055 2.7 3.056
65 & over 3.055 2.84 3.056