Types of Membership

ACERA has two membership types, Safety and General, which are based on job classifications:
  • Safety Members work in active law enforcement, fire fighting, or positions that have been designated as Safety by the Board of Retirement (e.g., Juvenile Hall Group Counselor, Probation Officer, etc.).
  • General Members are all other members.

Additionally, members will fall into one of the three following categories based on their work or retirement status:

  • Active Members are actively working for one of ACERA’s participating employers.  They are actively earning service credit toward retirement and actively making employee retirement contributions into the retirement fund.
  • Deferred Members are no longer working for one of ACERA’s participating employers, but are not yet retired.  They are “deferring” their retirement to a later date.  They do not earn service credit and do not pay into the retirement fund.
  • Retired Members have qualified to retire from ACERA, and are enjoying retirement.

Finally, every ACERA member belongs to a “tier” based on what employer they work(ed) for and when they entered ACERA.