Taking a Job With Another Public Employer

In the event you terminate your ACERA-covered employment and become a member of another pension system in California by accepting a position with another public employer (e.g., with the State of California), within 180 days of termination of your ACERA covered employment you may be eligible to establish a reciprocal agreement between ACERA and your new employer’s retirement system.

You will need to complete and return an ACERA Termination Election of Membership Request Form to ACERA. When completing the form, be sure to complete these sections:

  • Elect to defer your membership in Section A
  • Elect to establish reciprocity in Section B, and note the name of your new employer’s retirement system


  • Elect to withdraw funds. If you do so, you waive your rights to future benefits and establishing reciprocity

After returning your form to ACERA, contact your new employer for information regarding any further action you may need to take to establish reciprocity.

You are not eligible for reciprocity if your ACERA covered employment and your new employment overlap (i.e., vacation or leave time taken with ACERA covered employment and simultaneous new employment).