Submit a Retirement Application and Other Forms
1-60 Days Before Retirement

In order to retire, you must submit a retirement application to ACERA. You may submit your application up to 60 day prior to the retirement date you’ve chosen and written on your retirement application. You can mail in your application, send it via QIC code, or hand it to us in person. Once your submit your application, we scan it into our database and record your date of retirement in our database.

Once that date passes, you’re retired. If you change your mind between when you submit your application and your retirement date, send us a letter in writing that you’d like us to take your application out of the system, and we’ll do that for you. You can do this up to the day before you retire.

For the most efficient retirement, we highly suggest you contact us 3-4 months before retirement to schedule a Ready-to-Retire Counseling Session. If you follow this process, you will submit your retirement application during your counseling session, but this is not mandatory.

We highly suggest that if you’re turning in your retirement application the day before you retire, that you submit it in person during our office hours and hand it directly to one of our staff members.

Other Forms

You will submit any forms below that are applicable to you during your Ready-to-Retire Counseling Session. If you don’t attend the session, here are links to the forms: