Marriage or Registration of Domestic Partnership After Retirement

If you get married or register a domestic partner with the California Secretary of State after you retire, you may want to designate your new spouse/partner as your beneficiary, because as an ACERA retiree, you have certain benefits that will be paid at your death. However, in the Election of Retirement Allowance Form you signed at the time of retirement, you made elections regarding your nominated beneficiaries. Those beneficiaries you designated to receive continued monthly payments (continuance) after your death cannot be changed, even upon divorce, dissolution of domestic partnership, or your beneficiary’s death. Beneficiaries designated for death benefits other than a continuance may be changed at any time.

To change your beneficiary, complete and return an ACERA Retired Member Beneficiary Designation Form. Also, you will be required to provide ACERA with a copy of your marriage certificate and your spouse/partner’s birth verification. If you die, it may be needed for benefit payment to your spouse/partner.