Investment Products and Services Introductions



ACERA is a well-diversified public pension plan with a multi-billion dollar investment portfolio. ACERA’s current target allocation includes the following asset classes: domestic equity, international equity, fixed income, real estate, real return pool, as well private equity and alternatives.

Please review ACERA’s Placement Agent Disclosure Policy.

ACERA only invests directly with its investment managers and does not work with placement agents or brokers.

ACERA Investment Staff (Staff) has designated the morning of the third Wednesday of every month as its IPSI day to meet with prospective investment product/service vendors. The purpose of these introductions is to provide an opportunity for the prospective vendors to understand ACERA’s needs better and for Staff to learn about the vendors’ investment products / services. IPSI is NOT a part of ACERA’s investment vendor search process. After an introduction session, if Staff finds a product / service fits well with ACERA’s needs, Staff will forward the pertinent information to ACERA’s consultant(s). Each introductory session is approximately 45 minutes.

If you would like to present a product/ service to Staff, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Complete a one-page ACERA IPSI Form for each product/service
  2. Name the completed one-page IPSI Form file as follows: “Company Name_Product/Service Name;”
  3. Format the subject title of your email as follows: “Company Name_Product/Service Name_IPSI;” and
  4. Attach the completed one-page IPSI Form file and email it to

Please submit one IPSI Form for each product/ service per email. A representative of our investment department will respond to you by the third Wednesday of the month in which the meeting is to be scheduled.

Owing to the high volume of requests, Staff’s attention will be directed to those requests which have followed the instructions described above. ACERA reserves the rights to decline to meet with any prospective vendor.

Once submitted to ACERA, IPSI Forms and all related materials become the property of ACERA and will be subject to the California Public Records Act.

I agree. Download the IPSI form (xls)