A Few More Thing to Do Before Retirement
1-60 Days Before Retirement

Here are some final loose ends to tie up before you retire.

Change your email address for your ACERA online account

Your email address is your username for you online ACERA account. Next time you’re logged in to Web Member Services, change your email address from your work email to your personal email. This way, you can still use the password recovery feature if you forget your password during your retirement when you will no longer have access to your work email.

Keep your beneficiary information up to date with ACERA, even before retirement.

If you have a life change, such as marriage or divorce, or you need to change your beneficiary for any reason, complete and return an ACERA Active or Deferred Member Beneficiary Designation Form to ACERA.

If you will be Medicare eligible upon retirement (age 65+), apply for Medicare in advance to receive Medicare benefits

Apply for Medicare Part A (if you haven’t already) and Medicare Part B (you should only apply for part B after your stop working) in advance of your retirement to ensure that your medical benefits will uninterrupted. Read more on our Medicare page.

Notify your employer in writing of your termination date

ACERA does not notify your employer. It is up to you to provide written notice to your employer.

Contact any agencies you have reciprocity with and apply to retire with each system

If you have reciprocity with any other California public agencies, contact each reciprocal agency and apply to retire with each agency. You must retire from all linked systems on the same day! For more information on reciprocal retirement, see our Reciprocity page.

You must notify each system of your planned retirement date and remind the system that you are a reciprocal member. This will ensure all systems coordinate your effective date of retirement.

Contact ACERA if you have questions.

Check our Contact Page for more information on how to contact us.