Declare Your Intent to Purchase Some Types of Service Credit
Within 1 Year of Your Date of ACERA Membership

If you are currently an active or deferred ACERA member, and you think you may want to purchase certain types of service credit in the future, you have one year from your date of ACERA membership to declare your intent to purchase that service credit.

By declaring your intent to purchase the time, you are under no obligation to actually make the purchase; however, if you don’t make the declaration with a year of your date of membership in ACERA, you will lose your eligibility to ever purchase the time. Once you declare your intent, you may make the purchase any time prior to retirement.

The Deadline is One Year After Your Date of Your Membership in ACERA

The deadline to declare your intent is one year after the date your membership began in ACERA, which for most people is the 1st day of 2nd pay period in a full-time, retirement-eligible position. You may have already declared your intent on the ACERA enrollment form your employer provided you when you began work. If not, feel free to complete the form linked below.

Types Of Service Credit For Which You Must Declare Intent To Purchase

  • Part-time or Service-as-needed
  • Project
  • TAP (County Temporary Assignment Pool)
  • Temporary (not with temporary agency)
  • Intermittent (Seasonal)

Declaring Your Intent To Purchase Other Prior Public Service From Other Agencies

In addition, if you worked for another public agency within the State of California, and are not eligible for a pension from that employment, you may be eligible to purchase that service, which we call:

  • Other Prior Public Service Time

If this applies to you, you must also state your desire to purchase this service and submit a statement to ACERA by the applicable deadline above.

How To Declare Your Intent

Complete and return to ACERA an Intent to Purchase Service Form.

Do I Have To Declare Intent To Purchase Other Types Of Service Credit?—No.

Other types of service credit not listed above that are eligible for purchase do not require a declaration of intent.  You may purchase these at any time prior to retirement.  These include:

  • Medical Leave Without Pay (upon returning from leave)
  • Military Leave During Membership (upon returning from leave)
  • Redeposit of Prior Membership
  • Days prior to membership (the days between your date of hire and first date of membership)

If I’ve Already Purchased The Service, Do I Have To Declare My Intent?—No.

If you have already purchased the service credit in question, you do not need to complete this form or submit a statement of intent to ACERA.

What If I’m Not Sure?

If you are unsure of whether you have eligible service to purchase, but would like to purchase it if you have it available, please feel free to go ahead and complete and return to ACERA an Intent to Purchase Service Form. In addition, you may also request the cost of making a service credit purchase on that form. You may also contact ACERA with questions.