Changing Your Address With ACERA

Active Members

Update your address with your employer. Your employer is responsible for providing ACERA with updated information each pay period, including your current address.

Deferred Members

To change your address with ACERA, complete and return the Address and Name Change Form to ACERA.


Retired Members and Others Receiving Monthly Payments (Payees)

To change your address with ACERA, complete and return the Address and Name Change Form to ACERA.

If you move outside of California, you should cancel your withholding designations for California state income tax. ACERA cannot withhold your tax deductions for other states. To change your withholding, complete and return the Withholding Certificate for Pension or Annuity Payments Form for the state of California to ACERA. Complete the form with an effective date in advance if possible, or, as soon as you have your new address information.

Send completed forms to ACERA’s mailing address in the blue footer at the bottom of the page.

Foreign Addresses  

If you are considering a move outside of the United States and want to avoid the possibility of 30% taxation on your pension, you must make sure you have the following documents on file with ACERA:  

  • U.S. Certified Birth Certificate, verifying you were born in the United States, or submit a W-9 Form (available through the ACERA website,, or by request from ACERA Member Services)  
  • Current U.S. Passport (stating U.S. Citizenship)  
  • If you are a non-Resident Alien, a copy of your green card  

A non-U.S. citizen or non-Resident Alien who will be residing at a non-U.S. address is subject to mandatory federal tax withholding from a U.S. income source at the rate of 30%. The IRS requires these individuals to complete and return a W-8BEN Form to ACERA. For non-citizens and non-Resident Aliens, a reduced tax rate including a total tax exemption may apply if there is a tax treaty between the non- U.S. resident’s country and the United States.

If you establish a relationship with a new financial institution due to your move, be sure to update your direct deposit information with ACERA. To establish and/or change your financial institution, complete and return a Direct Deposit Authorization Form to ACERA. The account must be in the payee’s name in order for ACERA to activate the direct deposit. Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) is not allowed for international transactions unless conducted from and to a U.S. owned bank.

Moving and Your Eligibility for ACERA Health Plan Coverage  

Eligibility for enrollment in an ACERA-sponsored medical and dental plan is affected by where you live because some of ACERA’s plans require you to live in their specific service areas. This may limit your options if you and/or your dependents live in a rural area within California or in another state. If you move, check with your current plan’s member services to confirm whether you live within the appropriate service area.  

If coverage is not offered through your current provider, it may be available through another ACERA provider. Contact ACERA or the plan providers directly to discuss your options. The plans’ member service contact numbers are listed on our Health Plan Contact Page and on the back cover of the ACERA Enrollment and Health Plan Brochure.

Once you determine there is an ACERA-sponsored plan available in your new area, contact ACERA Member Services to request the appropriate enrollment form(s). Forms must be completed and submitted in advance—or within 30 days—of the move to ensure no gaps in coverage.

If moving requires you to change medical plan providers, it could take up to a month to receive new ID cards. Be sure to fill your prescriptions and get doctors’ appointments out of the way before your move.