Becoming Medicare Eligible


When you or your dependents become eligible for Medicare (usually at age 65), in order to keep or enroll in group health coverage through ACERA, you are required to enroll in and be covered by Medicare Parts A and B and maintain that coverage. After you are enrolled in Medicare, you may enroll in an ACERA Medicare Plan, which is a medical insurance plan offered by ACERA that works in conjunction with your federal Medicare coverage.

The Medicare enrollment requirement allows ACERA to offer health coverage to retirees on a group basis and results in you paying significantly lower monthly premiums.

Everyone 65 and older is eligible to enroll in Medicare. If you paid into Medicare during your career and earned enough credit, Medicare Part A will be available at no cost. If you did not pay into Medicare, don’t worry–you can still enroll in Medicare, but there will be a cost for you to be enrolled in Medicare Part A.