ACERA Participating Employer Handbook

As an ACERA Participating Employer, it’s important for you to understand your organization’s role in managing and administering retirement, death, survivor, and disability benefits for your eligible employees. The Participating Employer Handbook is your resource. It includes information on:

  • The ACERA organization
  • Description of the ACERA benefit plans
  • The responsibilities and the procedures to be followed by ACERA Participating Employers
  • The tools and resources available to help you fulfill your responsibilities as a Participating Employer

We have made every effort to ensure this handbook is complete and up to date. With that said, you can expect changes to ACERA regulations and procedures from time to time. We recommend you become familiar with this handbook. Please check here first when you have questions, and do not hesitate to contact ACERA at 510-628-3000 with your inquiries.

Also attached to this page is the Biweekly Transmittal Form for Participating Employers that you will use for your transmittal.