Medicare Transition Seminars


Medicare Transition Seminars

This seminar will present very important information about how Medicare works with ACERA’s healthcare plans, provide you assistance completing enrollment forms for ACERA’s plans, and help you understand your transition to Medicare.

ACERA will send already-retired members turning 65 an invitation to attend a Medicare Transition Seminar. Members who aren’t retired yet or who turned 65 while they were still working, won’t receive an invitation, but can register for a seminar on this page.

Visit this page for a more detailed description of the seminar and your transition to Medicare.

ACERA does not validate parking for the City Center Garage. Attendees must pay for parking or take public transport. Try searching Parkopedia for the cheapest parking garage near ACERA. ACERA’s offices are located just steps from the 12th St. BART Station.