Dental and Vision Plans


Dental and Vision Plans

Dental and vision care are currently offered as non-vested benefits. These plans are reviewed by the ACERA Board of Retirement annually, and the continuation of these benefits is based on available funds.

ACERA’s dental and vision plans, offered through Delta Dental and Vision Service Plan (VSP) respectively, provide participants with access to coverage through a nationwide network of providers. Contact the carriers for a complete list of participating dental and eye care professionals in your area.

Retired members with 10 or more years of ACERA service credit must enroll in dental and vision coverage, and ACERA currently subsidizes the monthly premium costs for this coverage. All service-connected disability retirees and non-service connected disability retirees with effective date prior to 2/1/2014 are included in this group.

Retired members with less than 10 years of ACERA service credit may enroll in a voluntary plan, which offers the same coverage. However, the full premium will be payable through retirement payroll deductions.

Enrollment is voluntary for ACERA non-member payees (e.g., surviving or former spouses/domestic partners) and eligible dependents. You are responsible for 100% of the monthly premium for this coverage. The premium is deducted from your monthly retirement allowance. Your allowance must be greater than the amount of the premium. 

How Much Does it Cost? What Does it Cover? How and When Can I Sign Up?

These questions are answered in detail in ACERA’s annual Retiree Enrollment Guide that is published each October. You can enroll in vision and/or dental coverage by submitting a Vision Enrollment Form and/or a Dental Enrollment Form.

How to Tell How Many Years of Service Credit You Earned

Pay Statement: If you are enrolled in a medical plan, one easy way to determine if you have 10 or more years of ACERA service credit is by looking at the monthly pay statement mailed to you on the left-hand side under the “Non-Taxable Subsidies” heading to see if a “MMA” amount or subsidy for medical coverage is noted. If it is, you are eligible to receive a dental or vision subsidy.  

Web Member Services Account: Another way to see the amount of service credit you earned during your career is by logging into to your Web Member Services account with the blue button at the top of the page.